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Post show report

Bulles Expo reveals wines in a league of their own

The show, which took place on June 20 and 21 at the Parc Floral in Paris, welcomed 120 exhibitors representing an unprecedented cross-section of the sparkling wine industry.

Live from Bulles Expo

A blow-by-blow account of the show

During the two-day event, our editorial team produced live commentary, recounting topical corporate news and major events at the show.

An economic observatory for the sparkling wine market?

The 5 leading sparkling wine producer countries – France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Spain – account for over 70% of global production.

Bulles Expo

It’s not too late to do the right thing!

We have been told time and time again: “A trade show dedicated to sparkling wines in Paris? What a great idea! ” The concept of BULLES-EXPO has been well received

Alsace Crémant moves upmarket

Three Alsace co-operative wineries have one after the after launched new top-end Crémants. The releases were purely coincidental yet reveal an underlying trend towards improving price points for this fashionable category.

Cellaring potential

Vouvray celebrates 80th anniversary

The Vouvray appellation celebrated its 80th anniversary on April 14, an occasion shared with politicians and journalists which harked back to the past yet also looked to the future and its challenges.

Key figures

Confirmed growth for the sparkling wine market

The segment is extremely healthy: the global market for sparkling wines proved to be bullish once again in 2015, as confirmed by research by FranceAgriMer. Production, consumption and trade are all showing growth.

United Kingdom

Sparkling wines top the 1 billion pound mark for the first time

Sales of sparkling wines in the British off-trade may reach 800,000 hectolitres for the first time this year, twice the volume marketed in 2012. Displaying staggering rates of growth, both in the on- and off-trades, and generating turnover that for the first time has topped the billion pound mark, popularity of sparkling wines is not about to wane, but what are the underlying trends within the category? We asked Simon Bradbury, managing director of Cordorniu UK.

Bulk sales

Sustained prices for base wines for Crémant de Bourgogne

By the end of March 2016, the trading season for bulk must and base wines for making Crémant de Bourgogne was virtually over. Noteworthy features include healthy sales and high prices, mirroring the previous season.

Cédric Saucier

“Production of sparkling wines in Languedoc cannot be ruled out in the future”

The fourth conference by the oenology department of Montpellier university focused on production of sparkling wines in the region. An unusual choice of topic, or so it seemed.

United Kingdom: “The Holy Grail for wine producers and wine marketers is premiumisation”

Research published recently by Vinexpo in conjunction with The IWSR forecast a 1.8% growth rate for British wine consumption by 2019 which, if confirmed, would be higher than the global average. Whilst not all industry observers predict that the United Kingdom will witness this kind of volume growth, they do agree that the value of the market will increase. Simon Bradbury, managing director of Codorniu UK, shares his thoughts with Vitisphere about the factors currently influencing dynamics in the British wine market.

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