The team at Vitisphere had been talking about it for a long time. We had been following the surge in the market for sparkling and semi-sparkling wines and realised how challenging it was for the category to secure visibility at international shows amidst the extensive array of still wines on offer. We had also noticed the speed of change from a product and business perspective as well as the increase in international trade....
For all these reasons, we decided to create a wine show for producers and trade buyers of sparkling wines that would help boost the category’s growth.


In July 2014, Vitisphere, which designs and creates content for B2B websites for the wine industry and trade – including vitisphere.com, vitijob.com and intervignes.com – joined the France Agricole group, one of the foremost publishers of agricultural magazines, including La Vigne, but also an events and agricultural show organiser, one of which is Innovagri.

By combining the expertise of teams at GFA Events and Vitisphere, we decided to launch Bulles Expo, the first sparkling wine show. The decision was finalised by the France Agricole group in November 2015 and three major objectives were set: to help boost development of the international sparkling wine market; to strengthen the position of the French wine industry; and to make Paris, the epitome of relaxed and creative living, a marketplace generating trade and notoriety for everyone attending Bulles Expo.


Michel Remondat, director of BULLES EXPO.



Tel : + 33 4 67 02 40 26

Mobile : + 33 6 12 39 87 99


Un évènement conçu et organisé par Vitisphere et GFA Events
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